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CABRI Guidelines for Catalogue Production

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by BCCM, CBS, CERDIC, DSMZ, ECACC, HGMP, INRC, MSDN
Page layout by CERDIC

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MDS for plant cell viruses

Field Name Description
Accession Number Contains:
- Unique identifier
Virus Name Contains: [verbose listing]:
- Species Name
Virus Name Abbreviation Contains:
- Species name abbreviation
Former Name May contain:
- Former name of the isolate, e.g., in case a patho- or serotype has been assigned to another species.
Genus Contains:
- Genus to which the virus species has been assigned
Pathotype, Serotype, Strain Should contain:
- "Pathotype: ", "Serotype: " or "Strain: " followed by pathotype, serotype or strain designation.
Original Host Plant Should contain:
- Original host plant: species (latin binominal),
- subspecies (latin),
- variety (latin), cultivar or
- breeding line (original designation),
- vernacular name
Geographic Origin Should contain:
- Country, and, if available, more detailed information on the geographic position where the original host plant was found.
Isolate History Should contain:
- Name of the scientist, who isolated the specimen and of persons or organisations that kept it before accessioning.
Reference Isolate Should contain:
- Literature on the virus isolate
Quarantin Regulations Should contain:
- Known EU quarantine regulations for the virus species
Remarks Special features of the isolate, e.g., virulence
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