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CABRI Guidelines


Part 1: Introduction and general documents



Part 2: Request and handling new deposit

Flow diagram



Part 3: Maintaining deposits

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Part 4: Delivery of material to the customer

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Part 1: Introduction and general documents - Procedures -

Reference Number Procedure Title
AHC/1998/1 Introduction & General documents
AHC/1998/1/1.1 Establishment and operation of culture collections
AHC/1998/1/1.2 International laws and regulations on collection work
AHC/1998/1/1.3 European laws and regulations on collection work
AHC/1998/1/1.4 National laws and regulations on collection work
AHC/1998/1/1.5 Issue, control and updating of laboratory procedures
AHC/1998/1/1.6 Traceability of data


Safety procedures at the collections
AHC/1998/1/2.1 Introduction to safety regulations
AHC/1998/1/2.2 Laboratory practices
AHC/1998/1/3 Restrictions of use
AHC/1998/1/4 Biohazards


Part 1: Introduction and general documents - Appendixes -

Reference Number Appendixes
M/1998/1.06 Appendix 1 Safe handling of liquid nitrogen
AHC/1998/1/3 Appendix 1.1 Agreement form - DSMZ -
AHC/1998/1/3 Appendix 1.2 Terms of supply - ECACC -
AHC/1998/1/3 Appendix 1.3 Agreement form / restrictions of use - INRC -
AHC/1998/1/3 Appendix 2 Handling hazardous materials requiring class III containment
AHC/1998/1/3 Appendix 3 Safety information for handling cell lines

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Part 2: Request and handling new deposit - Procedures -

Reference Number Procedure Title
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Request and reception of new deposits
AHC/1998/2/1.2 Accession criteria DSMZ, ECACC, INRC
AHC/1998/2/2 Master cell banking and quality controls for new deposits
AHC/1998/2/3 Catalogue entry and release of material


Part 2: Request and handling new deposit - Appendixes -

Reference Number Appendixes
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Appendix 1 Standard letter to depositor for inclusion of cell line into the collection
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Appendix 2.1 Accession Form for Deposit - DSMZ
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Appendix 2.2 Accession Form for Deposit - ECACC
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Appendix 2.3 Accession Form for Deposit - INRC
AHC/1998/2/1.1 Appendix 2.4 Accession Form for Deposit for Immunoclones/Hybridomas
AHC/1998/2/3 Appendix 1 Standard letter for confirmation for entry into the collection
AHC/1998/2/3 Appendix 2 Characteristics of new deposits

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 Part 3: Maintaining deposit - Procedures -

Reference Number Procedure Title
AHC/1998/3/1.1 to 1.3 Preparation of cell culture media at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC


Maintenance & preservation of cell cultures
AHC/1998/3/2.1/1 to 2.1/3 Subculturing attached and suspension cells at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/2.2/1 to 2.2/3 Master cell banking at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/2.3 Preparation of cell banks for distribution stocks at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/2.4 Cryopreservation of cell lines at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/2.5 Resuscitation of frozen cell lines at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/2.6 Preparation cell lines for quality controls at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/3 Quality controls
AHC/1998/3/3.1 Identification of cell line at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/3.2 Mycoplasma testing at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/3.3 Bacteria and fungi testing at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/3/3.4 Virus testing at DSMZ - ECACC
AHC/1998/3/3.5 QC for hybridomas at DSMZ - ECACC - INRC


Part 3: Maintaining deposit - Appendixes -

Reference Number Appendixes
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 1 Internal request form for media - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 2 Cell culture media preparation form - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 3 Foetal bovine serum chart - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 4 Inactivation of FBS - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 5 Sterility and fertility of testing of broths - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 6 Preparation of HB supplement - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 7 Preparation of GMF supplement - ECACC -
AHC/1998/3/1.2 Appendix 8 Preparation of non-routine cell culture media
AHC/1998/3/3 Appendix 1 General considerations on mycoplasmas
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.2 Appendix 1 Isoenzyme Analysis Report Form
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 1 Isolation of genomic DNA (small scale phenol/chloroform method)
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 2 Restriction enzyme digest of genomic DNA
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 3 Preparation of analytical gels and electrophoresis buffer
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 4 Loading and running analytical gels & preparation of gel loading mix
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 5 Pre-treatment of fingerprint gels for southern blotting
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 6 Southern blot procedure
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 7 Dismantling of Southern blot & fixation of DNA to membrane
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 8 Non-isotopic chemiluminescent enhanced probe…
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 9 Processing of autoradiographs & subsequent interpretation & storage
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 10 Treatment of partial digests
AHC/1998/3/3.1/2.3 Appendix 11 Quantifying DNA samples
AHC/1998/3/3.5/2 Appendix 1 Cloning hybridomas by limiting dilution
AHC/1998/3/3.5/2 Appendix 2 Quantitative ELISA

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Part 4: Delivery of material to the customer - Procedures -

Reference Number Procedure Title
AHC/1998/4/1 Processing an order


Despatching an order
AHC/1998/4/2.1 Despatch of frozen and growing cell cultures DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1988/4/2.2 Documentation required for despatch - DSMZ - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/3 Invoicing an order DSMZ - ECACC - INRC


Cell line customer complaints
AHC/1998/4/4.1 Procedure for customer complaints DSMZ - ECACC - INRC
AHC/1998/4/4.2 Authentication Issues
AHC/1998/4/4.3 Product recall procedure


Part 4: Delivery of material to the customer - Appendixes -

Reference Number Appendixes
AHC/1998/4/1 Appendix 1 Special export licence
AHC/1998/4/1 Appendix 2 Special permits
AHC/1998/4/2.1 Appendix 1 Outstanding orders
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 1 Start up sheets - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 2 Issue and Receipt Voucher form - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 3 Cell Line Safety Datasheet - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 4 Helpful Hints - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 5 Abbreviation sheet - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 6 Certificate of origin for foetal bovine serum - ECACC -
AHC/1998/4/2.2 Appendix 7 Cell line despatch form - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/2.2.1 Appendix 1 Disclaimer - DSMZ
AHC/1998/2.2.1 Appendix 2 Suggestions for handling cultures on receipt- DSMZ
AHC/1998/4/4.1 Appendix 1 Customer Service Form - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/4.1 Appendix 2 Customer Complaint/QC referral - ECACC
AHC/1998/4/4.1 Appendix 4 Customer Service Form - INRC

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