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CABRI Guidelines for Catalogue Production

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by BCCM, CBS, CERDIC, DSMZ, ECACC, HGMP, INRC, MSDN
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MDS for plasmids

Field Field label Contents
Collection number Collection_number Number of the element in the collection under which it is distributed
Name Name Name of the element
Other culture collection numbers(*)(**) Other_culture_collection_numbers Numbers of the element under which it is distributed by other culture collections
Type Type Element type
Class Class Origin of the element: non-recombinant or recombinant
Literature(**) Literature Original publication in which the element is described.
History of deposit(**) History_of_deposit History of the element from author to depositor, in reverse chronology (depositor < ... < author)
Restricted distribution Restricted_distribution Restrictions for distribution of the element (hazard group, “for research purposes only”, patent info, import/export regulations, etc...).
Host for distribution Host_for_distribution Taxonomic designation and strain designation of the host organism in which the element is distributed.
Medium Medium Name or collection number of the medium on which the host organism is preferably grown.
Selectable phenotype Selectable_phenotype Feature encoded by the element enforcing its host strain to maintain the element in order to survive under appropriate cultivation conditions.
Replicon(**) Replicon Names of replicon elements.
Host range(**) Host_range Hosts in which the element can be propagated and/or used and, when applicable, the peculiar features that are necessary for making use of the special characteristics of the element.
Properties and applications Properties_and_applications Description of the properties of the element, as well as its application possibilities.

(*) If the content of the field 'Other culture collection numbers' cannot automatically be generated at the main site it will be removed from the MDS for plasmids.

(**) This field does not apply to all strains, you may use the dash to express it.

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