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CABRI Guidelines for Catalogue Production

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by BCCM, CBS, CERDIC, DSMZ, ECACC, HGMP, INRC, MSDN
Page layout by CERDIC

Data input & authentication Flat file preparation Flat file submission

Full Data Set for plasmids

Here are described all the fields BCCM/LMBP, NCCB & DSMZ use.

Set    Field
MDS Collection number
MDS Name
MDS Other culture collection numbers
MDS Type
MDS Class
FDS Constructed from
MDS Literature
MDS History of deposit
MDS Restricted distribution
MDS Host for distribution
MDS Medium
MDS Selectable phenotype
MDS Replicon
FDS Incompatibility group
FDS Transfer ability
MDS Host range
MDS Properties and applications
FDS Helper
FDS Copy number
FDS Molecular weight
FDS Cloned gene
FDS Transposable element
FDS Promoter
FDS Ribosome binding site
FDS Start codon
FDS Terminator
FDS Further information*
FDS Restriction sites
FDS Sequence detail
FDS Price code

* Remarks on propagation and/or on properties and/or on history, other name(s), etc...

For MDS fields: implement the recommended data input process procedures.
For fields that do not apply to all strains, you may use a dash ('-') to be displayed as value.

For FDS fields: recommended data input process procedures do not exist.

Use of capital letters: capital are only used where syntactically required, which may be at the beginning of a field.

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