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CABRI Guidelines for Catalogue Production

Guidelines prepared for CABRI by BCCM, CBS, CERDIC, DSMZ, ECACC, HGMP, INRC, MSDN
Page layout by CERDIC

Data input & authentication Flat file preparation Flat file submission

Mimimum Data Set: General definition

The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is the set of data that is asked to describe each product from each collection. Each catalogue field has to be filled in (use a dash - if no information is given, when allowed).
The MDS is required from new collection centres when they join CABRI.

The Recommended Data Set (RDS): collection centres are also asked to supply data for recommended fields; however, if data are not available, the product is still acceptable.

Collection centres are free to provide data for other fields, which are part of the Full Data Set.
If, and only if, resource centres plan to put in their own FDS an information that is already present in other FDSs THEN they are invited to adhere to existing fields.

A general MDS can be applied to each type of collections:

Identification accession number, name
Origin description, depositor, history..
Culture conditions medium, subculture routines...
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