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... you cannot find the resource you need?
Did you carefully read the search guide?
There are some tips which should be known in order to carry out a successful search. E.g., in the CABRI Simple Search you must know that scientific names are indexed so that genus and species make up a unique key. There is no chance to retrieve strains by only specifying the species, unless you use an * in front of it (meaning that the species is not at the beginning of the searched key). Check the search guide and try again!

Is the searching system you are using the most suitable to your experience?
We offer three search systems because we know that people have different experience and attitudes. Try another method among the Simple Search, the SRS interface and the HyperCatalogue.

If none of the above systems helps you, then it is likely that the strain you are seeking is actually missing. You could try to search for a common strain to check that you are performing the search correctly. Or try contacting the webmaster, who can repeat your searche and finally direct you to a different reference. Alternatively, identify the catalogues you are interested in and check the respective information files (see the "Site Map"). There, you will find the web sites of the collections and you can try different search engines.

Anyway, PLEASE INFORM THE WEBMASTER THAT YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR. We are always looking for the best solutions to your needs.

... you do not receive confirmation of your order?
Your order was probably not submitted!
There are cases in which the information you submitted to the shopping cart is not correct (e.g., the email address is wrong) or your browser's preferences are not adequate (e.g., cookies' are not allowed). In these cases, the shopping cart does not work. We are always looking for such bugs in our system, but it may happen....
Try issuing your order again, and carefully check your data and the browsers preferences. If this does not work again, please contact the webmaster.
If you are in a hurry, you can send an email to the collection (addresses are in the information files, see the "Site Map").

... the system is not responding?
Occasionally, the network is broken or the server is down. CABRI mirrors are there for this reason. It is likely that if the main site is not accessible, at least one of the mirror is working properly. CABRI mirrors have the same functionalities as the main site and their catalogues are updated daily or weekly to match the main site.
Addresses of mirror sites are easy to remember, but, just in case, bookmark them!


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