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How to order from CABRI collections

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Can I order a biological resource?
You can order any biological resource found in the catalogues. Prior to dispatch, a Transfer Agreement or the terms and conditions of the collection will be sent to you for agreement. Restrictions may apply for delivery of dangerous goods or for delivery to specific countries. For more information consult the CABRI Quality Management Guidelines, "Delivery of Material" section.

How much will it cost?
The price of a product depends on the collection supplying it. When retrieving results after a successful search, you can click on "View Prices" to get access to the pricelist, which is the same as the collection adopts for normal orders (no extras for online ordering!). You will be charged for the items plus handling/postal fees. The price list is also accessed from the "Site Map".
Some collections (e.g., CBS and ICLC) do not charge VAT (Value Added Tax) to European customers, others do. You are therefore advised to ask the collection before ordering.

How can I order a biological resource?
After a search is performed and results are returned, select the products you are interested in by marking the side checkbox and then click on the "Add to cart" button and follow the related directions to add the product(s) to your cart.
When you are ready to order, click on the "Order" button. An order form is displayed. Fill it in with the required information. Once the form has been completed, it may be submitted via email to the involved centres or formatted for printing locally and sending either by fax or by postal mail. For detailed information click on "CABRI search" on the left menu, then on "General help" and finally on item 6, "Using the shopping cart". This help can also be reached through the "Site map".

Do I receive confirmation of my order?
Yes, you are first notified by the web server that displays a confirmation page and then you will receive a confirmation message by email. This is sent to the email address that you submitted through the order form, so you should carefully double check it.
Also there is a CABRI Order Number displayed which is unique to your order and should be quoted if any subsequent query is required. There will also be a contact address for each centre you ordered from. If you do not receive one of the above confirmations, or both, your order probably was unsuccessful. See the troubleshooting section in this FAQ to determine what you should do.

Do I need to confirm my order?

How long must I wait for the biological resources I ordered?
Delivery times depend on the collection and, especially, on the type of biological material ordered. On line ordering does not introduce any delay. Indeed, using this system should make the whole procedure faster.


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