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January 2020

NCCB Phabagen Plasmids

Address NCCB
P.O. Box 85167
NL-3508 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Fax +31-(0)30-2122601
Email sales@wi.knaw.nl
WWW https://wi.knaw.nl/NCCB_plasmid_table
Conditions -
Contact Person Marian Figge (NCCB@wi.knaw.nl, phone: +31-(0)30-2122634)

Additional Database Information NCCB_PLASMID

Example of an entry from the NCCB_PLASMID catalogue:

Collection_number NCCB 3490
Name pZ150
Other_culture_collection_numbers PC-V3490
Type plasmid
Class Recombinant
Constructed_from pBR322
Literature Zagursky, R.J. and Berman, M.L., Gene (1984) 27: 183-191
History_of_deposit NCCB <- Hu, J.C.
Restricted_distribution No
Host_for_distribution Escherichia coli K12 JH372
Medium Medium 171
Selectable_phenotype Ampicillin resistance (100);Tetracycline resistance (Tc) (10)
Replicon pMB1;M13
Transfer_ability Non-transferable
Host_range Escherichia coli vector
Properties_and_applications general cloning vector;sequencing vector;preparation of single-stranded probes
Copy_number high
Molecular_weight 4.858 kb
Cloned_gene M13 Intergenic Region
Start_codon No
Further_information pZ150 contains the M13 IG fragment; the M13 intergenic region is thought to contain a cis-acting morphogenic signal for packaging and orientation of the DNA within the phage particles
Price_code 1

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